A quick Thanksgiving post

I wanted to write a short letter to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. To send many blessings to you all and hope you all and your family are blessed and loved.

My opinion and views on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, is that too many people commercialize them both . we all got to remember they are about family and all the blessings you have received thru out the year and all that you have now.

I have found that if you wake up every morning and give thanks and gratitude for all you have and all the little blessings you have received and continue to receive, more comes into your life to be thankful for and grateful for.

All these things to me are what we need to celebrate on these holidays not so much the food or presents but the family and the love you share, not to say the food is not important, and we know it is. if you have a feast give thanks for it




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